The Swiss-Uruguayan Trade Chamber (SUTC) was founded on December 28th, 1944.

The constitutive meeting took place at Colonia 1280, the first location of the Chamber. The founding members were entrepreneurs from Montevideo together with merchants from Paysandú, Roche and Colonia Suiza who joined later.

Said meeting was presided by the consul of Switzerland in Uruguay at that time, Mr. H. Gremminger with the textual objective “to unite the interests of Swiss merchants, Swiss descendants in Uruguay and Uruguayans with commercial ties with Switzerland or sole friendship and admiration towards the country”. He encouraged the foundation of this Trade Chamber on the basis of interesting and very detailed statistical data referring to the commercial interchange between Switzerland and Uruguay before the Second World War and expressed his firm belief that after the war this commercial interchange would again expand.

Dr. Max Guyer was named president ad-hoc at this first founding meeting. The first executive committee was presided by Mr. Federico Bangerter.

Membership: a) companies located in Uruguay that trade with Switzerland and Swiss companies that trade with Uruguay; b) Swiss descendants or Uruguayans with professions related to the swiss commerce or industry.
People or entities that are willing to collaborate with the Chamber can be adherent members.

Six members of different business fields, if possible, constitute the Executive Committee, responsible for the Chamber Management. These members are elected by secret vote during the Ordinary Meetings toghether with four deputies.

The main purpose of the SUTC is to promote commercial interchange between Uruguay and Switzerland. This can be acheived by direct support from the Executive Committee members or through the Swiss Embassy.

The Chamber will arrange conferences and business meetings on different general topics for members and also for external public

The SUTC is a co-founder member of the following organizations:

  • Association of Binational Trade Chambers in Uruguay
  • Association of Swiss Foreign Trade Chambers
  • Latin American Trade Chamber in Switzerland

Executive Committee

Dirección: Dr. Pablo de María 1065      Tel/Fax.: (+5982)419 33 85          CP 11200      Montevideo-Uruguay